10 Offbeat Things to Do and See in South India

India has a beautiful blend of tourist destinations. Beautiful beaches, alluring landscape, pious shrines, cultural uniqueness, and trends well blended into the day to day life of the inmates! This is Southern India and much more to it. Travelers love to explore this part of the beautiful and gorgeous country India. If you are interested in more than the regular travel experience, here are some aspects which you would love relish all your life:-

Banana Leaf the Perfect Plate

Almost everywhere you go, in the states of South India, you will be served lunch, dinner and breakfast on the banana platter. It is definitely a delicious but different experience. As it is, the food of the South region of the country is amazingly tantalizing, it served with a dash of uniqueness and traditional custom adds to the flavor of the food.

Banana Plates

Witnessing Cultural Dance Play

Theyyam is the cultural dance performance of the state of Kerala. The performances are believed to bring good luck to the people. The rhythm, the color, the music each adds to the essence of this play. Hence, make sure to see this play, when in the state.

Theyyam Culture Dance

Meeting the Local Tribes

If you get a chance, do meet the local tribal people, who belong to the Paniyal tribal sect! They are known for their hospitable nature.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari

When in the southern part of India, you cannot obliterate to visit the Rock Memorial which is a reminiscence of Swami Vivekananda meditating for 3 days. The sanctity which you will be able to experience at the backdrop of blue ocean and hills is nothing less than mesmerizing.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial


If you are a beach lover, Rameshwaram beach waters with alluring landscape, charming water and a fresh breeze is just for you. It is a pious place for Hindus. The vast sea will leave you charmed and ecstatic.



You have not travelled the state of Kerala, if you have not experienced a cruise on the backwaters. Relaxing in the houseboat, witnessing scenic charm and enjoying the company of the locals are an enthusiastic experience.

Backwater Kerala

Namdroling Monastery

A small Tibet in a small village of South India, Bylakuppe. Thousands of Tibetan immigrants practice religious teachings in here. Approximately 3000 monks can inhabit this place, at a time. You will experience serenity at its best in this place.

Namdroling Monastery


It is a beautiful town which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is nestled in the Karnataka state. The historical monuments of the small village town will ingress you a charming significance.


Meeting the Locals

When you visit the villages of the various states of South India, you will be introduced to a variety of locales. The traditions which are a part of their personality, their apparels, the rituals they follow and the festivals which they celebrate will leave you awestruck.

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So, go ahead, take the plunge and enjoy the Southern India in a unique way!