Some of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India for Newlyweds

A lot of people love to travel, but one of the biggest concerns that they have is to get a nice hotel accommodation at a rate that is within their budget. But the problem is that they typically encounter nice hotels that are quite costly, while the inexpensive ones will always have something wrong with the deal such as uncomfortable bed, doesn’t have hot water running in the shower; do not have clean sheets, etc.  However, there is nothing to be scared of about thinking of having a vacation for the simple reason that it is too daunting to look for nice hotels. If you are not familiar about it, there are lots of Cleartrip coupons available online for some of the nicest hotels that you know.

Those who are looking for a perfect travel destination for their honeymoon trip will not be hesitant anymore, because you can now visit some of the best honeymoon spots in India at an affordable rate. India offers different options for newly wed couples. It has majestic mountains, beautiful and pristine beaches, colorful gardens and others. Because of all of these views, India is now one of the most famous tourist destinations across the globe. You too can make beautiful memories in India and celebrate love with one of the most discreet, warm and romantic honeymoon spots there.

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If having a good time is on your mind during your honeymoon, then Goa is just the best for you. With the sun setting on the horizon, the stretches of golden sand and the coco palms swaying with the wind, the beauty of Goa will make you fall in love a hundred times.  You can go and visit the Anjuna beach or the Palolem Beach for different water sports activities. You can try some of the best and authentic Indian dishes in Goa at the same time. Your honeymoon will truly be magical in this place. One of the greatest things is that Savemypocket offers not just hotel coupons, but Cleartrip flights offers and Cleartrip bus promo code at the same time, so finding for the best is actually under one roof.



This place in India is truly blessed with lots of beautiful beaches such as the Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Varkala, Alappuzha and many others.  These are the best place to relax and spend quality time with your partner just watching the marine creatures. If you want to try some water adventure, then you can go kayaking, scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing.  You can also try the authentic Ayurvedic treatments in Kerela, it will make you relax and you will feel like you are the King and Queen of your world.



This is one of the old time favorite honeymoon spots in India. As soon as you arrive at this place, you will be welcomed by the green hills that are covered with snow peaks and embraced by beautiful and dense pines and oak forests.

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