The Case for a Caribbean Sailing Holiday

A vacation primarily comprised of time being spent on a boat isn’t exactly everyone’s ideal vacation. But before jumping ship know that sailing holidays might not be everything you think they are – or they are but your mentality just needs to be reframed to truly appreciate what sailing means.

Learning a New Skill

Sailing on a charteredbareboat can be a scary proposition. Handling more than thirty feet of boat as a novice or even intermediate sailor can be daunting. But let’s look at these new challenges as opportunities at minor victories that at the end of your trip will culminate into a sense of pure gratification knowing that you’ve accomplished something novel and extraordinary. Meanwhile, if you’re a true novice you can always charter a yacht with the help of an experienced fully or partially manned crew.

New Perspectives

Be honest, most of your previous holidays have been spent in a fancy hotel or resort with little exposure to authentic culture. You’ve enjoyed your time sipping away at umbrella cocktails while lounging around the pool area but haven’t you always wanted a bit more? That nagging urge to explore can be sated by getting intimate with the host of islands that the Caribbean hasto offer. Authentic food, music and customs aren’t cultural identifiers that can be palpated while perched on your hotel high rise.

Travel Throughout the Caribbean

At best a landlocked trip might mean a few excursions outside of your hotel. You can say you’ve been to Jamaica but what you’re really saying is that you’re staying in a sequestered beachfront hotel with Jamaican weather. Travelling inside of your abode gives you the power to travel the coast without being tied down to a stationary hotel. You can start off in Negril, then head west to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and if you’re really feeling the reggae vibe you can round off your vacation with a visit to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.

Sea Based Activities

If you’re considering a winter holiday you’ll probably find yourself heading south to warm waters. If you’re going to splash yourself out of hibernation, why not dive head first into a trip that centres on the ocean? Vacationing on the water makes jet skiing, power sailing, and snorkelling all the more accessible. If you’re determined to soak in the lazy boy atmosphere don’t overlook the abundance of time you’ll have to fish. No need to rent a boat for deep sea fishing when you’re already on one!

I could make a one last concluding point to try to sway you in the direction southern facing bows, but instead I ask you to call upon one of the many fantasy scenarios you’ve just had involving the Caribbean to do the job for me.