The International Ganesh Park- The Perfect Tribute to Lord Ganesha

There are many beautiful places in Thailand. One of them is the KhlongKhuean Ganesh International Park. It is a tribute to Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God. Ganesha is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon, and his image is widely used in parts of Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. Even though the Hindus identify him with many different attributes, perhaps the image of the elephant’s head on a human’s body is the most popular identifying factor. The Hindus believe that Ganesha has the power to remove obstacles and troubles from a person’s path. He is also regarded as a deva of wisdom and intellect.

Many refer to Ganesha as one of the gods who was present at the beginning of time. Thus, there are many different rituals and ceremonies that are held in his name. The park was created as a tribute to Ganesha, and also features a very large statue. Construction of the statue began in 2008, and was eventually completed four years later. It features 854 different pieces of bronze, all of which are connected together through a series of different links and chains. The statue rises approximately 40 meters high, including the base.

The detail of the statue is next to none, as the sculpture is seen holding fruits in all four of his hands, along with anklets and bracelets, which indicate his wisdom and intellect. Lord Ganesh Thailand Park is managed by the Thongprathan Foundation. It is one of the largest parks in the region.


Under the management of the Thongprathan Foundation and the Board Committee For the Study of Chachoengsao citizens, the park also offers a variety of different activities for visitors. In the past few years, the park has become a very popular attraction for tourists. As a result, this has led to the growth of the shopping and dining sector inside the park.  In order to ensure that the locals can make money, the management allows people to bring agricultural goods and sell them inside.

You will find a variety of different souvenirs and local produce in the park, ranging from fresh coconuts to sweet mangoes. The market zone is separate from the rest of the park, and strict care is taken to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene are not compromised. This is one of the most beautiful natural sanctuaries in the country, and is also the largest Ganesh rental for worship in the entire country.


The primary objective of the international park was to turn it into a destination for pilgrimage in Chachoengsao and Thailand. It was also created to give jobs to the locals and to take advantage of the tourism industry of Thailand. The park is located in an agricultural district, and as a result, you will find vast fields all around. The park receives several donations from the locals as well, and has become a very prominent destination for the locals in the region.