Top 10 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

A holiday is supposed to be a relaxing experience that relieves the stress of modern living, but instead, it can be the cause of even more anxiety, especially if things start to go wrong. While we all want to enjoy our precious downtime, travelling to a foreign land requires a certain amount of planning, and by covering the following points, you should have a relaxing break, and come back ready to take on the world.

  1. Arrange the airport transfers

The horrendous long-term parking fees mean that leaving the car at home is the best option. If you live in the South of England, there are reliable North London minicabs that can take care of the airport transfers, leaving you free to enjoy what is still part of the holiday experience.

  1. Check all tickets and documents

Passports, airline tickets, boarding passes, and hotel information should always be in a safe place and easily accessible. It isn’t a good idea to unpack at the terminal, while you look for the boarding passes you printed from the airline’s website.

  1. Make sure the home is secure

Turn off all the essential services that are not being used, and unplug all appliances, with the exception of the fridge freezer, and any alarm systems you might have. All windows and doors should be checked, and if possible, leave a key with a trusted neighbour.

  1. Have suitable insurance

If you are going to do some extreme sports, or maybe hire a motorcycle, your package holiday insurance will not cover this kind of activity, so it is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance to cover you and the family while away. The peace of mind will lead to a more relaxing experience.

  1. Take power adaptors

Check on the power system in the destination country, and make sure you have sufficient adaptors for all the family’s needs.

  1. Leave some free days

Don’t try to pack too much into the holiday, as it could easily turn into a forced march. While it is nice to see as much as possible, one still needs that quiet time to relax and simply enjoy doing nothing.

  1. Allow time for vaccinations

You should check whether you will need any vaccinations three months before you intend to depart, and your doctor will advise you on what is the best solution.

  1. Take enough spending money

Nothing is more stressful than having to watch what you spend, so prepare sufficient money to enjoy the holiday, and it is OK to pamper yourself now and then.

  1. Don’t over pack

You will probably buy lots of interesting things, not to mention the souvenirs for family and friends, so think twice before putting anything in your suitcase, as very often we take things that turn out to be unnecessary, and this will help to avoid excess baggage charges on the return flight.

  1. Relax and don’t worry

Worry is a useless emotion, as the act of worrying cannot change the outcome, so relax and roll with the punches. Things don’t always go as planned, and by seeing the bright side of everything, we tend to feel happier.